Legal CouncelWe offer legal counsel and representation for all foreign and domestic entities in the following areas:

✔ Civil
✔ Commercial
✔ Criminal
✔ Debt collection
✔ Family
✔ Inheritances
✔ Labor

Whether a hardworking citizen or an equally hardworking corporation, our goal is to help you understand the law and all possible options. In order to do so, we provide you with advice and guide you carefully in making strategic decisions.  We take care of the paperwork and actively pursue your interests.  Rest assured we’re with you every judicial step of the way!

As attorneys, it’s our duty and pleasure to assess, direct, and defend your interests before the court.  With us, you’ll see decisive solutions to whatever you’re facing.

Legal Courses
We offer two courses with official accreditation.  The first is titled Corrective and Preventative Legal Training, and is geared toward managers and/or confidential staff who want to know the law, but don’t really have the time to go through law school.  The second is Translating and Writing International Documents, for those interested in translating and writing international documents in Spanish and English.

We also offer personalized and dynamic Spanish courses.  All of our professors have Bachelor’s Degrees in Language Teaching (as well as other advanced degrees) and are currently working at the most prestigious universities in the country.  Count on us to help improve your workplace image or have a chat with those beautiful and incomprehensible Spanish speakers.

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